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First work company, ABERCROMBIE

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Yea it finally happened

this is why I love tumblr


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I miss home…

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new plan…


count to my hw before anything enters my mouth.

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I’m not sure how I feel about this

My friend (who coincidentally is my jr high bests friend’s ex husband) just had a baby.

Cool right?

In the picture hes WEARING the Holister clothes from a care package I sent him when he was overseas.

Kinda crazy, that was over a year ago.

I feel stupid, but I just sent him a message asking if he really was a dad now. Cause if so, that boy wasted no time.

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My carpets are being cleaned… so my kitchen has transformed into a livingroom.

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I realized I needed to lose weight….

My boyfriend refused to touch me, and when he finally did, he asked me to please keep my sweatshirt on.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt worse

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Okay, no one looks like this when they run… but you get the point. 

I posted this SO LONG AGO :)

The notes are incredible. Thanks guys. I love you.

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